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How Nutraceuticals Can Improve Your Health

Few lifestyle habits are better for your body than a balanced, nutritious diet. A healthy diet helps to prevent disease and extend your life, but it’s not always easy to get all the nutrients you need from diet alone.

Nutraceuticals are a growing offering in medicine that combines disease-preventive elements of traditional pharmaceuticals with natural supplements found in foods. These naturally derived vitamins, minerals, and other supplements are concentrated to deliver enhanced health benefits alongside your healthy diet.

Are you hoping to achieve a healthier weight? Wondering how you can feel more energized in daily life? You could benefit from nutraceuticals. Patricia Nevils, MD and our team at Vibrant Woman Health Center offer nutraceuticals in combination with nutrition counseling to help you fuel your body and enjoy improved health at every age. 

Nutraceuticals fit your needs

Everyone’s health care needs are unique. Whether you’re a young woman hoping to feel more energized throughout the day, or you’re post-menopausal and you’re hoping to improve bone strength and joint health, the use of nutraceuticals is completely customizable to fit your needs. 

Some common supplements that are considered nutraceuticals include:

These elements are naturally found in certain foods, but you can get increased health benefits when you supplement your diet with nutraceuticals. These powerhouse ingredients support healthy bodily function, delay aging, and prevent disease.

Our team performs a panel of tests and talks with you about your diet to determine how nutraceuticals can improve your health. We take your personal goals into account — such as losing weight — and we also make recommendations for dietary choices and portion sizes to help you achieve those goals.

With a blend of customized nutraceuticals from Dr. Nevils, you could:

Fill gaps in your diet

Your best source of nutrients is a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. But today’s modern diets can make it difficult to get all of the nutrients you need to feel your best. 

For example, two essential nutrients that many people lack are iodine and vitamin D. At your nutrition appointment, our team evaluates your diet, identifies any holes, and helps you understand what a healthy diet means for you.

Your nutritional needs fluctuate throughout life, particularly during and after menopause. Hormonal changes can cause weight gain, while growing older makes bones more brittle, increasing your risk of fracture. 

We make a recommendation that’s right for you based on your age and your overall health. Nutraceuticals can slow the aging process by giving your body the ability to build strength and prevent disease.

Improve physiological health

Your diet manifests itself in a variety of ways. Foods rich in saturated fats, processed grains, and sugar often leave you feeling depleted. Plus, they contribute to a range of chronic health issues from cardiovascular disease to diabetes. 

Eating better can help you feel better, because it gives your body the right fuel to carry you through the day. But if you don’t get enough of certain nutrients from your diet, starting a nutraceuticals regimen could help prevent:

Your risk of these conditions varies depending on your medical history, age, family history, and more. But Dr. Nevils and our team can help identify your risk factors and suggest nutraceutical products to help you enjoy a healthier life for the long term.

Schedule a nutrition consultation with us at our Lafayette, Louisiana, office by requesting an appointment online or by calling 925-257-4884 to learn more about how nutraceuticals could boost your health. You can also send a message to Dr. Nevils and the team here on our website.

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