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Lost libido or difficulty achieving orgasm are common problems that affect women, but can be hard to talk about. OB/GYN Patricia Nevils, MD, of Vibrant Woman Health Center in Lafayette, Louisiana, wants to help women overcome this sexual dysfunction and enjoy a healthy sex life. Don’t suffer in silence. Call the office or schedule an appointment online to boost intimacy and your self-esteem.

Sexual Dysfunction Q & A

What is sexual dysfunction?

As many as 43% of women in the United States suffer some degree of sexual dysfunction. Many common problems can be categorized as sexual dysfunction. These include:

Lack of libido

When you have little interest in sex, it can seriously interfere with your relationships. You may have this lack of desire due to hormone changes, medical conditions, medications, depression, or stress.

Failure to become aroused

Often, a lack of vaginal lubrication means you just aren’t ready for sex. This can be caused by menopause, anxiety, or circulation issues.

Inability to achieve orgasm

When a woman can’t climax, it may be due to insufficient stimulation, hormonal changes, and certain medications. Chronic conditions can also interfere with orgasm.

Painful intercourse

Pain during intercourse makes sex unpleasant and seriously interferes with desire. Issues with your reproductive organs, such as endometriosis, vaginismus, or ovarian cysts may be to blame. Sexually transmitted diseases can also cause pain during intercourse.

What causes sexual dysfunction?

While some women may have trouble due to psychological problems such as abuse or trauma, often sexual dysfunction is due to treatable physical issues. These may include:

  • Hormone imbalances because of birth control pills, breastfeeding, or menopause
  • Chronic disease such as heart disease or diabetes
  • Issues with pelvic organs, such as prolapse or uterine fibroids

Dr. Nevils evaluates your health and symptoms to determine the possible root cause of your dysfunction so it can be successfully treated.

How is sexual dysfunction treated?

Dr. Nevils has a compassionate, thorough discussion with you about your symptoms, sexual history, and concerns. She may also perform a physical exam and ultrasound to determine if health issues, such as cysts or prolapse, are the cause.

She also measures your hormone levels and determines if you would be helped with replacement estrogen, testosterone, or a combination of both. These hormones may be administered through the skin as a cream or as BioTE® pellets under the skin.

To restore a healthy, fulfilling sex life, call Vibrant Woman Health Center or book an appointment using the online tool.