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Issues that interfere with sexual health affect women of all ages. These concerns include painful sex, stress urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity, and changes in external labial appearance. New technologies, including InMode’s Votiva system offer safe, effective treatment for feminine health with immediate results and continued improvements in muscle tone and blood flow over time. Votiva is an in-office radiofrequency treatment specifically tailored to address both external and internal vaginal health issues WITHOUT surgery. Patricia M. Nevils, MD of Vibrant Woman Health Center, Lafayette, LA, is excited to offer this life-changing treatment. Call 337-234-6838 to schedule your complementary consultation today.

Votiva with FormaV Q and A

Who are Candidates for Votiva with FormaV?

Some of the most common issues that interfere with a woman’s sexual health include:

  • Painful sex stemming from childbirth, breastfeeding, medications, and the loss of hormones with menopause. The sexual health of women who are cancer survivors is significantly impacted by surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments.
  • Vaginal laxity caused by aging, genetics, and/or trauma not limited to just vaginal childbirth. Up to 76% of women may experience decreased sensitivity due to laxity during their lifetimes. 
  • Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is a huge unmet need that, until recently, required surgery, to correct, often unsuccessfully or with significant side effects.
  • Tissue atrophy (thinning) and diminished blood flow resulting in decreased sensitivity, dryness, and urinary tract infections.  
  • Labial hypertrophy causing pain with intercourse and exercise.
  • Low level of sexual interest (low libido), which is often a consequence of the other issues mentioned above


What is Votiva?

Votiva is a non-invasive device based on FDA-cleared technologies which uses radiofrequency energy (RF) to stimulate collagen production as well as blood flow to tighten the internal and external vaginal tissue.  The result is a tighter, stronger pelvic floor.  Patients see results immediately with continued benefits over time.  Votiva restores and strengthens the area to improve intimacy, incontinence, and well-being. 


How Does Votiva Work?

Votiva uses two complimentary technologies to address your health issues. 

Votiva, with its FormaV handpiece, roughly the size of an ultrasound probe, is inserted internally for about ten minutes and applied externally for 10-15 minutes to gently and uniformly heat the labia, perineum, urethra, and clitoral areas, stimulating new collagen and elastin as well as increasing blood flow and sensation for the treatment of sexual dysfunction or as an adjunct to Kegel exercises (strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles). 

The second technology uses the Morpheus8 handpiece, a radiofrequency and microneedling device to contract and tighten the external vulvar tissue and correct labial hypertrophy.  It may also be used to treat cosmetic issues like wrinkles and loose skin of the labia.  This procedure requires a topical anesthetic as there may be some discomfort.  While there is no downtime, we do recommend no tubs, pools, or sex for 2-3 days afterwards. 

Every woman’s body is as unique as they are.  Votiva treatments are specifically tailored to address each woman’s individual needs and desires.  Women can elect not to have the Morpheus8 treatment and still have all the improvements in pelvic and sexual health. 


What Does the Treatment Feel Like?

Votiva FormaV is gentle and requires no anesthesia.  Patients can expect to feel a heating sensation during treatment.  There is a warm sensation but no pain and no downtime following the procedure. 


How Many Sessions are Required?

Your provider will determine the best treatment plan for you.  The majority of patients have 2-3 sessions; however, most notice a difference after only 1 treatment.  Optimal results come after the third treatment is completed. 


What Results May I Expect?

Votiva patients report improvement in lubrication, decreased pain, and vaginal discomfort.  Bladder control and urinary incontinence is improved. 

“After having Votiva, I don’t have problems controlling my bladder.  I don’t have to wear pads now or feel like I need to take three showers a day.”  - Susan. 

“It’s been two weeks now that I’ve had Votiva done, and I can see a noticeable improvement across the board. I’m really excited about the results thus far.”  - Kelly | Age 56